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100% Authentic Skincare & Whitening Products.
100% Authentic Skincare & Whitening Products.

GK Whitening Bar

GK Whitening Intensive Bar
Reduced Glutathione & Kojic Acid
Glutathione: An established skin whitening agent
Kojic Acid : Inhibits the production of melanin. The most popular skin whitening agent
Vitamin E : Enhances anti-oxidant properties of glutathione
GK Whitening Bar
GK Whitening Bar
Intensive Whitening Bar Reduced Glutathione & Kojic Acid Gives Your Skin Lightens, Whitens and Brightens
Glutathione is the body’s most power full and important antioxidant has the ability to lighten dark skin and pigmentation, dark acne scars and age spots.
Kojic Acid an organic compound, is proven to prevent melanin production it is the most popular whitening agent
A premium skin lightening product GK Lightening & Anti-Aging soap gently lightens uneven skin tone & discoloration while revitalizing & restoring the youthful vibrancy of your skin. With continued use, skin becomes visibly lighter, smoother and blemish-free.
For Best Result
Use twice daily for the face and body,
There may be slight stinging and itchiness as the active work in exfoliating the skin
If prolonged Irritation occurs, discontinue use.