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100% Authentic Skincare & Whitening Products.
100% Authentic Skincare & Whitening Products.

Crepe Bandage 6 Inch

Elastic Crepe Bandage/Latex Free Bandage is made of cotton yarn and spandex fiber with fixed ends, it is widely used in medical clinic,health care and athletic sports etc,it has wrinkled surface,high elasticity and different colors of lines are available,also washable, sterilizable,friendly to peope to fix wound dressings for first aid.
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Crepe Bandage 6 Inch

Soft, comfortable and high elasticity.
Allow skin to breath.
Constant unwinding tension.
Provide light compression, apply to avoid cutting circulation.
Color and size can follow customer’s demand
Stable and reliable cohesiveness
Self-Adheisve Bandage can stick to itself, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing, no pins and clips needed.
Self-Adheisve Bandage is easy hand tear, no scissors needed